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Welcome to Adirondack Networks Inc. Our company is a leading independent reseller of new, refurbished and used servers, networking hardware, server options, storage and more. We offer quality products from leading brands, including new and used Sun servers, Oracle, Fujitsu Systems, Cisco Systems and HP servers and used networking equipment.

Adirondack Networks stocks an extensive inventory that includes a wide range of products. We offer used Cisco equipment, Sun workstations, Sun servers, including the Sun Sparc server and much more. Click on the brand to the left of the screen to find quality products from Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Hewlett Packard and Fujitsu.

In addition to a wide selection of used network hardware, we buy used servers and computer and networking hardware. We offer a competitive buy out or trade in allowance for your equipment to help you recover your assets and increase the return on investment for your new, used, decommissioned or off lease equipment. Contact us to learn more or request a fast quote online.

Adirondack Networks is a trusted reseller offering quality products for more than 25 years. We have the knowledge and expertise required to provide our customers with custom configurations and spare parts, including sun server parts, used Cisco switches, and other parts to fit the specific requirements of our customers and current technology.

Please browse our website to learn more about the products and services available from Adirondack Networks, read the latest product news and view quality products and let us save you up to 85% on new, refurbished and used equipment.


HP business serversCongratulations! Your business has grown enough that you've recognized the need for a server, and so you've begun the hunt for new or used HP servers for sale. The problem is that the world of HP business servers is more complicated than you initially thought. With so many different types of HP business servers, it can be hard to find the one that best fits your business.

Here is a brief explanation of the three kinds of HP business servers that are most likely the best for you needs.


HP tower servers can be easily mistaken for desktop PCs. They're a very affordable option, as they're much less expensive than rack-mount systems. These HP business servers can operate on either on the floor or atop a desk, but they can also be retrofitted to sit in a rack. They're generally quiet, since they don't need a lot of cooling fans. The higher end tower servers have a fast CPU, loads of RAM, and a myriad of hard drives that can pack a punch. They're especially useful if you account for virtualization.


If your business is going to need to run several HP business servers, either immediately or in the near future, then you might want to consider the more robust option of rack-mount models. These come in a standard width and height to fit most racks, which permits users to fit many servers into a relatively small footprint.

One of the best parts of these HP business servers is that they can be easily expanded. They have sockets for multiple CPUs, capacious amounts of memory, and plenty of storage. Plus, they're highly scalable. Once they're in place, there's no need for floor space to put additional HP business servers until the rack is full.


The most expensive option on this list, blade servers are different than rack servers because they operate inside a chassis, which provides tons of advantages. Adding a new server is as simple as inserting a brand new blade into the chassis. It's possible to install other network components, like ethernet switches, load balancers, and firewalls, right alongside the servers in the same enclosure. The chassis also provides all the power, cooling, input-output and connectivity for the devices inside, which means you won't have to deal with new cables to add something. They're neater and can pack more computer power into a limited about of space than other HP business servers.

These are the three most common kinds of HP business servers. Hopefully now you can get your business the device it needs for success. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.


HP ProCurve networkingIt would be nearly impossible to imagine the world as it is today without wireless routers. Since the dawn of the digital age, routers have allowed both homes and offices to become hubs of instant web access, especially through portable means like laptops and, in more recent years, tablets. And now, data suggests that mobile web browsing (through smartphones especially) is slated to overtake desktop and laptop browsing in just a few years' time.

Guess that means it's probably time to pony up and opt for a router that can best handle your in-home wireless needs.

But which kind of router is right for you? Obviously, someone looking to go online primarily for streaming Netflix movies and perusing BuzzFeed gif lists isn't going to need the same type of power a small business or even a heavy gamer would. It's important to keep in mind which kinds of routers can handle the type of web browsing you're likely going to engage in; that way, you won't end up in a state of constant buffering. Here are two key areas to keep an eye on when shopping for a wireless router.

Switches vs. Routers

The most fundamental facet in the world of routers is learning exactly what constitutes one. There are typically two types of networking tools you'd find in most locations where web use tends to be fairly heavy -- routers (obviously) and switches. Switches are necessary to connect multiple devices to the same network, which makes them particularly useful on college campuses and office buildings.

For your money, the HP ProCurve networking switch is one of many HP switches that aren't bad options, though those tend to be a bit more advanced. You'll typically find HP ProCurve networking devices for at least a few hundred bucks. But if you're just looking for something to connect one PC (or multiple laptops or mobile devices) to a network, a router's going to be your best bet. Any basic Cisco router models can provide that connection.

Data Security

If you've ever logged onto a public WiFi network (like one in Starbucks or some other coffee shop), your computer may have given you a preemptive warning that the network is unsecured and, therefore, potentially unsafe. These risks, though largely ignored, are serious, and you probably shouldn't be accessing secure data -- such as your bank account -- through these wide-open networks.

When you're purchasing your own router, though, it's important to take the necessary steps to protect your connection before you ever log on. Always make your home-generated network secure and password-protected in order to prevent against instances of data loss and breach of security. When it comes to your own personal online safety, the more secure you are, the better. Always.

Remember that not every home WiFi system has to be reliant on HP ProCurve networking or even the most advanced, expensive Cisco routers. As long as it connects you to the web in a safe, secure and expedient manner, you've got everything you need for web success.


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