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Global Reseller of New, Refurbished and
Used Computer and Networking Hardware

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Adirondack Networks - Global Reseller of Oracle New & Used Sun Servers

Welcome to Adirondack Networks Inc. Our company is a leading independent reseller of new, refurbished and used servers, networking hardware, server options, storage and more. We offer quality products from leading brands, including new and used Sun servers, Oracle, Fujitsu Systems, Cisco Systems and HP servers and used networking equipment.

Adirondack Networks stocks an extensive inventory that includes a wide range of products. We offer used Cisco equipment, Sun workstations, Sun servers, including the Sun Sparc server and much more. Click on the brand to the left of the screen to find quality products from Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Hewlett Packard and Fujitsu.

In addition to a wide selection of used network hardware, we buy used servers and computer and networking hardware. We offer a competitive buy out or trade in allowance for your equipment to help you recover your assets and increase the return on investment for your new, used, decommissioned or off lease equipment. Contact us to learn more or request a fast quote online.

Adirondack Networks is a trusted reseller offering quality products for more than 25 years. We have the knowledge and expertise required to provide our customers with custom configurations and spare parts, including sun server parts, used Cisco switches, and other parts to fit the specific requirements of our customers and current technology.

Please browse our website to learn more about the products and services available from Adirondack Networks, read the latest product news and view quality products and let us save you up to 85% on new, refurbished and used equipment.


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Sun Servers & Workstations

new, refurbished, used sun servers, workstations, storage arrays

Save up to 85% off
on New, Refurbished & Used Sun Servers, Sun Workstations & Sun Storage Arrays. Browse through our extensive inventory or get a quick no hassle quote and save your company money.

Sun X-Options & Parts

New & Used Sun X-Options & Server Parts

Save up to 85% Off
on New and Used Sun Options / Replacement Parts. We carry an extensive inventory of Sun Xoptions and Sun Parts such as Graphics Cards, Hard Drives, and many more Sun upgrades and replacement parts.

HP Servers & Networking

HP ProLiant servers, HP ProCurve Switches, upgrades, spare parts

Save up to 85% Off
on New, Refurbished & Used HP Servers & Networking Hardware. Browse through our extensive inventory of HP Proliant Servers, HP ProCurve Switches & Routers, Workstations and many replacement & upgrade HP parts.

Cisco Networking

New, Refurbished, Used Cisco Switches, Routers, Security, Networking Hardware

Save up to 85% off
on New, Refurbished and Used Cisco Networking Equipment. We carry a large inventory of Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches, Cisco Security Appliances, Cisco IP Telephony and all Cisco replacement & upgrade parts.