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Asset Recovery

IT Asset Recycling

We Recycle Responsibly with R2 Certifications

Adirondack Networks partners with R2 certified recyclers to ensure proper and compliant disposal of decommissioned IT assets (and the associated scrap) that have no market value. Here are a few reasons why R2 Certified companies are the best choice for your used and surplus IT hardware:

  • Compliance with all international laws and legal requirements – R2 certified facilities must comply with all legal requirements regarding environmental protection, worker health and safety, and export of reusable electronic equipment.
  • Protection of confidential data – R2 requires protection of confidential and personally identifiable information on electronic devices, and adherence to the top industry standards for data sanitization.
  • Protection for your bottom line – R2 certified companies can reduce the risk of environmental liability, data breaches, and damage to your brand resulting from improper management of used and surplus equipment.
  • Most globally accepted e-cycling standard – R2 certified facilities are operating in 21 countries and are positively changing how the world recycles electronics.
  • More reuse opportunity for parts – R2 permits reusable parts and components to be sold to responsible manufacturers and refurbishers when legally permissible. Many of these parts can be safely recovered and reused to manufacture completely new and different products.
  • No landfilling – R2 forbids landfilling and all unsafe collection, storage, and disposal of electronic equipment.
  • Most beneficial for emerging markets – R2 supports responsible and legal trade partnerships that promote reuse, training and technology sharing.

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Asset Recovery & Management

Why Choose Adirondack Networks for Asset Management?

Asset Recovery - Recycle Hardware

Adirondack Networks is a new and used independent hardware distributor that buys and sells re-marketable data center hardware. With our extensive knowledge of the secondary market for refurbished IT hardware, we are able to help organizations achieve a greater return of capital from their surplus and decommissioned equipment. By eliminating the inexperienced specialists in recycling, customers will receive fair-market value, instead of scrap value!! Let us help you recover your technology assets and turn your surplus equipment into working capital.

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We Buy Used Computer & Networking Hardware

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